Korean Solaris User's Guide

Hanja Word Conversion Modes

Hangul to Hanja conversion can be done also word by word just as it is done character by character (described in the preceding section). The steps for Hangul to Hanja word conversion are the same except conversion is not turned on until the preedit area contains a Hangul word.

Control-N (step mode) or Control-W (lookup choice mode) turns on Hanja conversion choices. The Hanja choices are a list of possible Hanja words plus a list of Hanja characters for only the last syllable of the Hangul word.

A display like the following appears after typing a Hangul word followed by Control-W:


The above list contains three Hanja word choices and several choices for converting only the last syllable of the Hangul word.

The display for some Hangul words contains only single character Hanja choices for the last Hangul syllable. This happens when the Hangul-to-Hanja dictionary contains no corresponding Hanja word: