ONC+ Developer's Guide

Using the Listener

Use pmadm to add RPC services:

pmadm -a -p pm_tag -s svctag -i id -v vers \

 	-m `nlsadmin -c command -D -R prog:vers`

The arguments are:


adds a service

-p pm_tag

specifies a tag associated with the port monitor providing access to the service

-s svctag

server's identifying code

-i id

the /etc/passwd user name assigned to service svctag

-v ver

the version number for the port monitor's database file


specifies the nlsadmin command to invoke the service. nlsadmin can have additional arguments. For example, to add version 1 of a remote program server named rusersd, a pmadm command would be:

# pmadm -a -p tcp -s rusers -i root -v 4 \
   -m `nlsadmin -c /usr/sbin/rpc.ruserd -D -R 100002:1`

The command is given root permissions, installed in version 4 of the listener database file, and is made available over TCP transports. Because of the complexity of the arguments and options to pmadm, use a command script or the menu system to add RPC services. To use the menu system, type sysadm ports and choose the -port_services option.

After adding a service, the listener must be re-initialized before the service is available. To do this, stop and restart the listener, as follows. rpcbind must be running.

# sacadm -k -p pmtag
# sacadm -s -p pmtag

For more information, such as how to set up the listener process, see the listen(1M), pmadm(1M), and sacadm(1M) man pages. Also see “How the TCP/IP Protocols Handle Data Communications” in System Administration Guide: IP Services.