ONC+ Developer's Guide

Program Number Assignment

Program numbers are distributed in groups of 0x20000000, as shown in the following table.

Table B–1 RPC Program Number Assignment

Program Numbers 


00000000 - 1fffffff 

Defined by host 

20000000 - 3fffffff 

Defined by user 

40000000 - 5fffffff

Transient (reserved for customer-written applications)

60000000 - 7fffffff 


80000000 - 9fffffff 


a0000000 - bfffffff 


c0000000 - dfffffff 


e0000000 - ffffffff 


Sun Microsystems administers the first group of numbers, which should be identical for all customers. If a customer develops an application that might be of general interest, that application should be given an assigned number in the first range.

The second group of numbers is reserved for specific customer applications. This range is intended primarily for debugging new programs.

The third group is reserved for applications that generate program numbers dynamically.

The final groups are reserved for future use, and should not be used.