ONC+ Developer's Guide

Compile-Time ANSI C-compliant Code

rpcgen can also produce output that is compatible with ANSI C. This feature is selected with the -C compile flag and is most often used with the -N flag, described in Compile-Time C-style Mode.

The add.x example of the server template is generated by the rpcgen -N -C -Ss -o add_server_template.c add.x command:

Note that on the C++ 3.0 server, remote procedure names require an _svc suffix. In the following example, the add.x template and the -C compile flag produce the client side add_1 and the server stub add_1_svc.

Example 3–22 rpcgen ANSI C Server Template

 * This is a template. Use it to
 * develop your own functions.
#include <c_varieties.h>
#include "add.h"
int *
add_1_svc(int arg1, int arg2,
					struct svc_req *rqstp)
	static int result;
	 * insert server code here

This output conforms to the syntax requirements and structure of ANSI C. The header files that are generated when this option is invoked can be used with ANSI C or with C++.