ONC+ Developer's Guide

Server Side of the Simplified Interface

The server program using the simplified interface is straightforward. The server calls rpc_reg() to register the procedure to be called. It then calls svc_run(), the RPC library's remote procedure dispatcher, to wait for requests to arrive.

rpc_reg() has the following arguments:

rpc_reg (
      rpcprog_t			prognum			/* Server program number */
      rpcvers_t			versnum			/* Server version number */
      rpcproc_t			procnum			/* server procedure number */
      char				*procname		/* Name of remote function */
      xdrproc_t			inproc			/* Filter to encode arg */
      xdrproc_t			outproc			/* Filter to decode result */
      char				*nettype		/* For transport selection */

svc_run() invokes service procedures in response to RPC call messages. The dispatcher in rpc_reg() decodes remote procedure arguments and encodes results, using the XDR filters specified when the remote procedure was registered. Some notes about the server program include: