ONC+ Developer's Guide

Array Example 1

A user on a networked machine can be identified by

A structure with this information and its associated XDR routine could be coded as in the following code example.

Example A–7 Array Example #1

struct netuser {
 	char  *nu_machinename;
 	int   nu_uid;
 	u_int nu_glen;
 	int   *nu_gids;
#define NLEN 255       /* machine names < 256 chars */
#define NGRPS 20       /* user can't be in > 20 groups */

xdr_netuser(xdrs, nup)
 	XDR *xdrs;
 	struct netuser *nup;
 	return(xdr_string(xdrs, &nup->nu_machinename, NLEN) &&
 		    xdr_int(xdrs, &nup->nu_uid) &&
 		    xdr_array(xdrs, &nup->nu_gids, &nup->nu_glen, NGRPS,
		               sizeof (int), xdr_int));