ONC+ Developer's Guide

Nonfilter Primitives

You can manipulate XDR streams with the primitives discussed in this section.

u_int xdr_getpos(xdrs)
   XDR *xdrs;

bool_t xdr_setpos(xdrs, pos)
   XDR *xdrs;
  	u_int pos;

  	XDR *xdrs;

The routine xdr_getpo()s() returns an unsigned integer that describes the current position in the data stream.

Caution – Caution –

In some XDR streams, the value returned by x()dr_getpos() is meaningless; the routine returns a -1 in this case (though -1 should be a legitimate value).

The routine xdr_setpos() sets a stream position to pos. In some XDR streams, setting a position is impossible; in such cases, xdr_setpos() returns FALSE. This routine also fails if the requested position is out-of-bounds. The definition of bounds varies from stream to stream.

The xdr_destroy() primitive destroys the XDR stream. Usage of the stream after calling this routine is undefined.