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Creating a Script That Sends an Alert Message or RSC Event

You can embed the rscadm subcommand send_event in a script or command file to log a Remote System Control (RSC) event or send an alert when certain conditions occur. Use the -c option to send an alert.

This appendix provides an example Perl script file named dmon.pl that sends an RSC alert when a specified disk partition exceeds a specified percent of its capacity. This script is written for use with a Sun Firetrademark 280R server. To use this script as intended, submit a separate entry to the crontab utility for each disk partition you want to monitor.

# Disk Monitor
# USAGE: dmon <mount> <percent>
#  e.g.: dmon /usr 80
@notify_cmd = `/usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-280R/sbin/rscadm';
if (scalar(@ARGV) != 2)
   print STDERR "USAGE: dmon.pl <mount_point> <percentage>\n";
   print STDERR " e.g. dmon.pl /export/home 80\n\n";
open(DF, "df -k|");
$title = <DF>;
$found = 0;
while ($fields = <DF>)
   ($fs, $size, $used, $avail, $capacity, $mount) = split(` `, $fields);
   if ($ARGV[0] eq $mount)
      $found = 1;
      if ($capacity > $ARGV[1])
         print STDERR "ALERT: \"", $mount, "\" is at ", $capacity, 
                      " of capacity, sending notification\n";
         $nofify_msg = `mount point "`.$mount.'" is at `.
                       $capacity.' of capacity';
         exec (@notify_cmd, `send_event', `-c', $nofify_msg)
               || die "ERROR: $!\n";
if ($found != 1)
   print STDERR "ERROR: \"", $ARGV[0], 
                "\" is not a valid mount point\n\n";