Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide

Sample Applet

Note –

For more detailed information on this applet, see file:/usr/demo/wbem/applet/README.

You must run the applet on a machine that has network access to the CIM Object Manager. In addition, the machine must run one of the following programs:

For more information on the JDK appletviewer or the Java runtime environment, see For more information on Java Plug-in, see the Solaris Java Plug-in User's Guide

How to Run the Sample Applet Using Appletviewer
  1. To run the sample applet using appletviewer, type the following command:

    % appletviewer -JD \ \
How to Run the Sample Applet in a Web Browser
  1. To run the sample applet in a web browser, open the following file in your web browser: