Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide

Viewing Log Data Through Log Viewer

The WBEM logging service enables application developers and writers of providers to write log messages to the log files. WBEM log files to track errors, warnings, and informational messages that the management subsystem generates. For example, you might want to write out log messages under the following conditions:

After you have created a log record, you can start the Solaris Management Console application and Log Viewer. A log record is automatically created when you start the Solaris Management Console software.

You can view all details of a log record in the Solaris Management Console Log Viewer.

How to Start the Solaris Management Console Application and Log Viewer
  1. To start the Solaris Management Console, type this command:

    $ smc

  2. In the Navigation panel, either double-click This Computer or click the expand/compress icon next to This Computer.

    A tree of commands is displayed below This Computer.

  3. Double-click System Status.

    The Log Viewer icon is displayed.

  4. Click the Log Viewer icon.

    Log Viewer starts.

Figure 9–1 Solaris Management Console Application With Log Viewer Selected

Window titled Management Tools: Solaris Management Console. Shows the Navigation panel, selectable log summaries, and the Information panel.