Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide

CIM Object Manager

The CIM Object Manager manages CIM objects on a WBEM-enabled system. When a WBEM client application accesses information about a CIM object, the CIMOM contacts either the appropriate provider for that object, or the CIM Object Manager Repository. When a WBEM client application requests data from a managed resource that is not available for the Repository, the CIMOM forwards the request to the provider for that managed resource. The provider dynamically retrieves the information.

WBEM client applications contact the CIM Object Manager to establish a connection. This connection is used to perform WBEM operations, such as creating a CIM class or updating a CIM instance. When a WBEM client application connects to the CIM Object Manager, the WBEM client gets a reference to the CIM Object Manager. The client can use that reference to request services and perform operations.