Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide

Getting and Setting Instances

Client applications commonly use the getInstance method to retrieve CIM instances from the CIMOM. When an instance of a class is created, the class inherits the properties of all the parent classes in its class hierarchy. The getInstance method takes the Boolean argument localOnly.

Use the setInstance method to update an existing instance.

Example 4–7 Getting and Setting Instances

This example does the following:

    // Create an object path, an object that contains the CIM name for 
    // "myclass"
    CIMObjectPath cop = new CIMObjectPath("myclass"); 

    /* Get instances for each instance object path in an enumeration, 
    update the property value of b to 10 in each instance, and pass the 
    updated instance to the CIM Object Manager. */
    while(e.hasMoreElements()) {
           CIMInstance ci = cc.getInstance((CIMObjectPath)(e.nextElement
                                          ()),true, true, true, null);
           ci.setProperty("b", new CIMValue(new Integer(10)));
           cc.setInstance(new CIMObjectPath(),ci);