Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide

Sequence of a Client Application

Client applications typically follow this sequence:

  1. Connect to the CIMOM using CIMClient. A client application connects to the CIMOM each time the client needs to perform a WBEM operation. These operations might include creating a CIM class and updating a CIM instance. See Opening and Closing a Client Connection.

  2. Use the client APIs to request operations and to perform programming tasks. The application's feature set determines which operations it needs to request. The tasks that most programs perform include:

    • Creating, deleting and updating instances

    • Enumerating objects

    • Calling methods

    • Retrieving class definitions

    • Handling errors

    Client programs can also create and delete classes, create and delete namespaces, and use qualifiers. See Performing Basic Client Operations.

  3. Close the client connection to the CIM Object Manager using CIMClient, to free the server resources used by the client session. See Opening and Closing a Client Connection.