Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide

About Subscriptions

A client application can subscribe to be notified of CIM events. A subscription is a declaration of interest in one or more streams of indications. Currently, providers cannot subscribe for event indications.

An application that subscribes for indications of CIM events provides the following information:

The occurrence of an event is represented as an instance of one of the subclasses of the CIM_Indication class. An indication is generated only when a client subscribes to the event.

To Create a Subscription

An application can create one or more event filters with one or more event handlers. Event indications are not delivered until the application creates the event subscription.

  1. Create an instance of CIM_Listener. See Adding a CIM Listener.

  2. Create an instance of CIM_IndicationFilter. See Creating an Event Filter.

  3. Create an instance of CIM_IndicationHandler. See Creating an Event Handler.

  4. Bind the CIM_IndicationFilter to the CIM_IndicationHandler. See Binding an Event Filter to an Event Handler.