Solaris WBEM Developer's Guide

Binding an Event Filter to an Event Handler

You bind an event filter to an event handler by creating an instance of the CIM_IndicationSubscription class. When you create an indication of this class, indications for the events specified by the event filter are delivered.

The following example creates a subscription (filterdelivery) and defines the filter property to the filter object path created in To Create an Event Filter. The example also defines the handler property to the delivery object path that is created in Example 4–23.

Example 4–24 Binding an Event Filter to an Event Handler

CIMClass filterdelivery = cc.getClass(new 
        true, true, true, null);
ci = filterdelivery.newInstance():

//Create a property called filter that refers to the filter instance.
ci.setProperty("filter", new CIMValue(filter));

//Create a property called handler that refers to the delivery instance.
ci.setProperty("handler", new CIMValue(delivery));

CIMObjectPath indsub = cc.createInstance(new CIMObjectPath(), ci);