IP Network Multipathing Administration Guide

IPv6 Test Addresses

To configure an IPv6 test address, you use the link-local address, because link-local addresses are tied to the physical interface. Thus, you do not need a separate IP address in the IPv6 situation. For IPv6, the -failover option has the following syntax:

# ifconfig interface-name inet6 -failover

How to Configure a Multipathing Interface Group With Two Interfaces shows the steps that you perform for an IPv6 test address.

When a multipathing group has both IPv4 and IPv6 plumbed on all the group's interfaces, you might not need a separate IPv4 test address. The in.mpathd daemon can probe the interfaces by using an IPv6 link-local address. IPv6 link-local addresses are created when IPv6 is plumbed.

Use failover without the dash to turn on the failover attribute of the address.

Note –

The only valid IPv6 test address is the link-local address.