IPv6 Administration Guide

How to Configure IPv4 Over IPv6 Tunnels

  1. Become Superuser.

  2. Create the file /etc/hostname.ip6.tunn. Use the values 0, 1, 2, and so on, for n. Then, add entries by following these steps.

    1. Add the tunnel source address. Then, add the tunnel destination address.

      tsrc IPv6-source-address tdst IPv6-destination-address
      tunnel-IPv4-source-address tunnel-IPv4-destination-address up
    2. (Optional) Add a logical interface for the source and destination IPv6 addresses.

      addif IPv6-source-address  IPv6-destination-address up

When you finish configuring the tunnels, you must reboot.

Note –

You must perform the same steps at the other end of the tunnel for bidirectional communication to occur.

If your system is to be configured as a router, you must also configure your router to advertise over tunneling interfaces before rebooting. See How to Configure Your Router to Advertise Over Tunneling Interfaces.

Example—Entry in the IPv4 Configuration File to Create an IPv4 over IPv6 Tunnel

This example shows the entry for an IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel.

tsrc 2000::114:a00:20ff:fe72:668c tdst 2000::103:a00:20ff:fe9b:a1c3 up