GNOME 2.0 Desktop for the Solaris Operating Environment Accessibility Guide

Before You Can Use AccessX

Before you can use the AccessX preference tool, you must enable XKB on your Solaris system.

Note –

XKB is not currently supported on Sun Ray™ systems.

To enable XKB on a non-Sun Ray system, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in as root.

  2. Check if the path and file /etc/dt/config/Xservers exists on your system.

  3. If the /etc/dt/config directory does not exist, enter the following command:

    mkdir -p /etc/dt/config
  4. If the Xservers file is not present, enter the following command:

    cp /usr/dt/config/Xservers /etc/dt/config/Xservers
  5. Open the Xservers file in a text editor and scroll to the end of the file.

  6. Append the following to the command line at the end of the file:

  7. Save and close the file.

  8. Enter the following command at a command line:

    pkill -HUP dtlogin
  9. Log out of your GNOME session and log in again.

  10. To verify if XKB is running, enter xdpyinfo and search for XKEYBOARD in the extensions list.