GNOME 2.0 Desktop for the Solaris Operating Environment Accessibility Guide

To Configure the Double-Click Behavior

If you have difficulty double-clicking, you can increase the period of time that the system allows to elapse between the first click and the second click of a double-click. For example, if the double-click timeout setting is 0.4 seconds, you must perform the second click of a double-click within 0.4 seconds of the first click. If the second click occurs more than 0.4 seconds after the first click, the system interprets the two clicks as two single clicks.

To configure the double-click timeout setting, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the Buttons tab in the Mouse Preferences dialog.

  2. Use the Delay slider to specify the timeout in seconds that the system allows between the two clicks of a double-click.

  3. Double-click on the light bulb to the right of the slider to test the setting. If you perform the two clicks of the double-click within the timeout specified, the light bulb lights up fully to display a yellow glow around the bulb. If you do not double-click within the timeout specified, the light bulb does not light fully. You should increase the timeout setting and try again. When the light bulb lights, the timeout setting is suitable for your needs.