Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Task Map: Installing or Upgrading the Solaris Software

The following task map is an overview of the steps necessary to install or upgrade the Solaris operating environment. Use this task map to identify all of the decisions that you need to make to complete the most efficient installation for your environment.

Table 2–1 Task Map: Installing or Upgrading the Solaris Software



For Instructions 

Choose initial installation or upgrade. 

Decide if you want to perform an initial installation or an upgrade.  

Initial Installation or Upgrade?

Review system requirements. 

Determine if your system meets the minimum requirements to install or upgrade. 

System Requirements

Choose an installation method. 

The Solaris operating environment provides several methods for installation or upgrade. Choose the installation method that is most appropriate for your environment. 

Chapter 3, Choosing a Solaris Installation Method (Overview)

Plan and allocate disk space and swap space. 

Allocate disk space on your system for the components of the Solaris operating environment that you want to install. Determine the appropriate swap space layout for your system. 

Chapter 5, Guidelines for Allocating Disk Space and Swap Space (Planning)

Choose an installation location. 

You can install the Solaris software from local media or from the network. Decide on an installation location that is most appropriate for your environment. 

Installing From the Network or From DVD or CDs?

Gather information about your system. 

Use the checklist and complete the worksheet to collect all of the information that you need to install or upgrade. 

Chapter 6, Gathering Information Before Installation or Upgrade (Planning)

(Optional) Preconfigure system information. 

You can preconfigure system information to avoid being prompted for the information during the installation or upgrade. 

Chapter 7, Preconfiguring System Configuration Information (Tasks)

(Optional) Prepare to install the Solaris software from the network. 

If you chose to install the Solaris software from the network, create an install server, create a boot server (if necessary), and set up the systems to be installed from the network. 

Chapter 12, Preparing to Install From the Network With CD Media (Tasks)

(Upgrade only) Perform the pre-upgrade tasks. 

Back up your system, determine if you can upgrade with disk space reallocation, and search for patches that a Solaris Update release might override. 

Chapter 8, Upgrading the Solaris Operating Environment (Planning)

Install or upgrade. 

Use the Solaris installation method that you chose to install or upgrade the Solaris software. 

The chapter or chapters that provide detailed instructions for the installation method