Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Solaris Web Start Installation Program

The Solaris Web Start installation program on the Solaris 9 DVD or Solaris 9 Installation CD can be run with a graphical user interface (GUI) or with a command –line interface (CLI). The Solaris Web Start program guides you step-by-step through installing or upgrading the Solaris software and additional software. You can install with the default option, or you can use the customize option to install only the software you want.

If you are new to the Solaris operating environment or to UNIX®, the Solaris Web Start program enables you to easily move forward and back during the installation to make changes as necessary. Installation tasks are divided into panels that offer default values for you to select.

Because the Solaris Web Start program prompts you to enter information, you have to interact with the installation program. Consequently, this installation method might not be the most efficient method when you have to install or upgrade several systems. For batch installations of a large number of systems, use custom JumpStart or the Solaris Flash installation feature.

For detailed instructions, refer to Chapter 14, Using the Solaris Web Start Program (Tasks).