Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Custom JumpStart Installation Method

The custom JumpStart installation method is a command–line interface that enables you to automatically install or upgrade several systems, based on profiles that you create. The profiles define specific software installation requirements. You can also incorporate shell scripts to include preinstallation and postinstallation tasks. You choose which profile and scripts to use for installation or upgrade. The custom JumpStart installation method then installs or upgrades the system.

If you know the Solaris operating environment and the shell, and have multiple systems to install, the custom JumpStart installation method might be the most efficient way for you to install your systems.

If you plan to install only a few systems, this installation method is less efficient. The creation of a custom JumpStart environment might be so time–consuming that you do not save time by using this installation method.

For detailed instructions, refer to Chapter 23, Preparing Custom JumpStart Installations (Tasks).