Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Chapter 4 Preparing for Solaris Installation or Upgrade (Topics)

This section provides instructions for preparing to install or upgrade the Solaris operating environment.

Chapter 5, Guidelines for Allocating Disk Space and Swap Space (Planning)

Provides guidelines to help you plan the disk space that you need to install or upgrade the Solaris operating environment. 

Chapter 6, Gathering Information Before Installation or Upgrade (Planning)

Provides a comprehensive list of the information about your system that you need to obtain before you begin the Solaris installation. 

Chapter 7, Preconfiguring System Configuration Information (Tasks)

Provides instructions for using the sysidcfg file to specify system information during the Solaris installation.

Chapter 8, Upgrading the Solaris Operating Environment (Planning)

Provides detailed requirements for upgrading the Solaris operating environment.