Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Upgrading With Disk Space Reallocation

The upgrade option in the Solaris Web Start installation method, the Solaris suninstall program, and the custom JumpStart program provide the ability to reallocate disk space. You can reallocate disk space if the current file systems do not have enough space for the upgrade. File systems might need more space for the upgrade for the following reasons:

The auto-layout feature attempts to reallocate the disk space to accommodate the new size requirements of the file system. Initially, auto-layout attempts to reallocate space, based on a set of default constraints. If auto-layout cannot reallocate space, you must change the constraints on the file systems.

Note –

Auto-layout does not have the ability to grow file systems. Auto-layout reallocates space by backing up required files on the file systems that need to change, repartitioning the disks on the basis of the file system changes, and restoring the backup files before the upgrade happens.