Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Task Map: Preparing to Install From the Network With DVD Media

Table 11–1 Task Map: Setting Up an Install Server With DVD Media



For Instructions 

Create an install server.

Use the setup_install_server(1M) command to copy the Solaris 9 DVD to the install server's hard disk.

Creating an Install Server With DVD Media

(Optional) Create boot servers.

If you want to install systems from the network that are not on the same subnet as the install server, you must create a boot server on the subnet to boot the systems. Use the setup_install_server command with the -b option to set up a boot server. If you are using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), a boot server is not necessary.

Creating a Boot Server on a Subnet With a DVD Image

Add systems to be installed from the network.

Use the add_install_client command to set up each system that you want to install from the network. Each system that you want to install needs to find the install server, the boot server if required, and configuration information on the network.

Adding Systems to Be Installed From the Network With a DVD Image