Solaris 9 Installation Guide

SPARC: Task Map: Performing a Solaris Web Start Installation

Table 14–1 Performing a Solaris Web Start Installation Task Map



For Instructions 

Verify system requirements. 

Verify that your system meets the requirements to install or upgrade with the Solaris Web Start program. 

System Requirements

Gather the necessary information. 

Follow the checklist and complete the worksheet to be sure that you have all of the information you need to install the Solaris software. 

Chapter 6, Gathering Information Before Installation or Upgrade (Planning)

(Optional) Preconfigure system configuration information. 

Use the sysidcfg file or the name service to preconfigure installation information (for example, locale) for a system. Preconfiguring system information prevents the installation program from prompting you during the installation.

Chapter 7, Preconfiguring System Configuration Information (Tasks)

(Upgrade only) Prepare to upgrade the system. 

Back up the system. 

System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

(Optional) Set up the system to install from the network. 

To install a system from a remote DVD or CD net installation image, you need to set up the system to boot and install from an install server or boot server. 

Chapter 12, Preparing to Install From the Network With CD Media (Tasks)

Install or upgrade. 

Boot the system and follow the prompts to install or upgrade the Solaris software. 

SPARC: To Perform an Installation or Upgrade With the Solaris Web Start Program

(Upgrade only) Perform post-upgrade tasks. 

Correct any local modifications that were lost during the upgrade. 

To Correct Local Modifications After Upgrading