Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Solaris Flash Archive Section Descriptions

Each Solaris Flash archive is grouped into sections. Some sections are generated by the Solaris Flash software and need no input from you. Some sections require input or optionally allow you to add information. The following table describes each section.

Table 20–1 Flash Archive Sections

Section Name 


Required by Archive? 

Requires Input From User? 

Archive cookie  


The first section contains a cookie that identifies the file as a Solaris Flash archive. The deployment code uses the cookie for identification and validation purposes. The cookie must be present for an archive to be valid.



Archive identification  

The second section contains keywords with values that provide identification information about the archive. The software generates some information such as the following:

  • The archive ID number

  • The method of archival such as cpio

  • The creation date by default

You are required to specify a name for the Solaris Flash archive. Other information that you can specify about the archive includes: 

  • The author of the archive

  • The date that the archive was created

  • The name of the master system that you used to create the archive

For a list of keywords that describe the archive, see Identification Section Keywords.


Content is generated by both user and the software 


A section of a Solaris Flash archive that is used to validate a clone system. The manifest section lists the files on a system to be retained, added to, or deleted from the clone system. The installation fails if the files do not match the expected file set. This section is informational only. The section lists the files in an internal format and cannot be used for scripting.

You can exclude this section by creating the differential archive with the flar create -M option. Because no validation of the archive occurs, excluding this section is not recommended.




  • Predeployment

  • Postdeployment

  • Reboot

This section contains internal information that the flash software uses before and after installing an operating environment image. Any customization scripts that you have provided are stored in this section.




This section contains messages about the archive creation and records the activities of predeployment scripts.


Content is generated by both user and the software 


This section follows the identification section. The archive can contain zero or more user-defined sections. These sections are not processed by the archive extraction code. These sections are retrieved separately and can be used for content descriptions.



Archive files 

The archive files section contains the files that have been gathered from the master system in binary date. This section begins with section_begin=archive, but it does not have an ending section boundary.