Solaris 9 Installation Guide

To Create a Temporary Solaris 9 Environment to Test a Profile

To test a profile for a particular Solaris release successfully and accurately, you must test a profile within the Solaris environment of the same release. For example, if you want to test a Solaris 9 initial installation profile, run the pfinstall command on a system that is running Solaris 9.

You need to create a temporary installation environment if you are testing a profile under one of the following conditions:

  1. Boot a system from an image of one of the following:

    • Solaris 9 SPARC Platform Edition DVD

    • Solaris 9 x86 Platform Edition DVD

    • Solaris 9 Software 1 of 2 SPARC Platform Edition CD

    • Solaris 9 Software 1 of 2 x86 Platform Edition CD

    Note –

    If you want to test an upgrade profile, boot the system that you are upgrading.

  2. Respond to the system identification questions.

  3. Exit from the installation program.

    • If you are using the Solaris 9 DVD, type ! at the following prompt:

      Solaris Web Start will assist you in installing software for Solaris.
      <Press ENTER to continue> {"!" exits}
    • If you are using the Solaris 9 Software 1 of 2 CD, select the Solaris suninstall program as the program to install the Solaris 9 operating environment. On the first screen that is displayed, select Exit.

  4. Execute the pfinstall command from the shell. For details about using the pfinstall command, see Step 7 in To Test a Profile.