Solaris 9 Installation Guide

SPARC: Task Map: Setting Up a System for a Custom JumpStart Installation

During a custom JumpStart installation, the JumpStart program attempts to match the system that is being installed to the rules in the rules.ok file. The JumpStart program reads the rules from the first rule through the last. A match occurs when the system that is being installed matches all the system attributes that are defined in the rule. As soon as a system matches a rule, the JumpStart program stops reading the rules.ok file and begins to install the system, based on the matched rule's profile.

Table 26–1 Task Map: Setting Up a System for a Custom JumpStart Installation



For Instructions 

Check if the system is supported 

Check the hardware documentation for system support in the Solaris 9 environment. 

Solaris 9 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Check if the system has enough disk space for the Solaris 9 software 

Verify that you have planned enough space to install the Solaris software on your system. 

Chapter 5, Guidelines for Allocating Disk Space and Swap Space (Planning)

(Optional) Preconfigure system configuration information 

You can use the sysidcfg file or the name service to preconfigure installation information for a system. If you preconfigure system information, the installation program does not prompt you to supply the information during the installation.

Chapter 7, Preconfiguring System Configuration Information (Tasks)

Prepare the system for custom JumpStart installation 

Create and validate a rules file and profile files.

Chapter 23, Preparing Custom JumpStart Installations (Tasks)

(Optional) Prepare optional custom JumpStart features 

If you are using begin scripts, finish scripts, or other optional features, prepare the scripts or files. 

Chapter 24, Using Optional Custom JumpStart Features (Tasks) and Chapter 25, Creating Custom Rule and Probe Keywords (Tasks)

(Optional) Set up the system to install over the network 

To install a system from a remote Solaris 9 DVD or Solaris 9 Software SPARC Platform Edition CD image, you need to set up the system to boot and install from an install server or a boot server.

Chapter 12, Preparing to Install From the Network With CD Media (Tasks)

(Optional) Prepare for a Solaris Flash archive installation 

Before installing a Solaris Flash archive, you need to follow specific steps. 

To Prepare to Install a Solaris Flash Archive With a Custom JumpStart Installation

Install or upgrade 

Boot the system to initiate the installation or upgrade. 

SPARC: To Perform an Installation or Upgrade With the Custom JumpStart Program