Solaris 9 Installation Guide

To Activate a Boot Environment (Character Interface)

The first time you boot from a newly created boot environment, Solaris Live Upgrade software synchronizes the new boot environment with the boot environment that was last active. The active boot environment is not necessarily the boot environment that was the source for the newly created boot environment. "Synchronize" here means that certain system files and directories are copied from the last-active boot environment to the boot environment being booted. Solaris Live Upgrade does not perform this synchronization after this initial boot, unless you type yes when asked the question ”Do you want to force a Live Upgrade sync operations?”

If you force a synchronization, Solaris Live Upgrade checks for conflicts between files that are subject to synchronization. When the new boot environment is booted and a conflict is detected, a warning is issued and the files are not synchronized. Activation can be completed successfully, in spite of such a conflict. A conflict can occur if you, for example, do one of the following:

Use this option with great care, because you might not be aware or in control of changes that might have occurred in the last-active boot environment. For example, if you were running Solaris 9 software on your current boot environment and booted back to a Solaris 2.6 release with a forced synchronization, files could be changed on the 2.6 release. Because files are dependent on the release of the operating environment, the boot to the Solaris 2.6 release could fail because the Solaris 9 files might not be compatible with the Solaris 2.6 files.

  1. From the Solaris Live Upgrade main menu, select Activate.

  2. Type the name of the boot environment to make active:

    Name of Boot Environment: solaris_9
    Do you want to force a Live Upgrade sync operations: no
  3. You can either continue or force a synchronization of files.

    • Press Return to continue.

      The first time that the boot environment is booted, files are automatically synchronized.

    • You can force a synchronization of files, but use this feature with caution. Operating systems on each boot environment must be compatible with files that are being synchronized. To force a synchronization of files, type:

      Do you want to force a Live Upgrade sync operations: yes
  4. Press F3 to begin the activation process.

  5. Press Return to continue.

    The new boot environment is activated at the next reboot.

  6. To activate the inactive boot environment, reboot:

    # init 6