Solaris 9 Installation Guide

x86: To Fall Back With Boot Environments on Different Disks

You might experience a failure while booting the new boot environment. If the root (/) file systems for the boot environments are on different physical disks, use the following procedure to fall back to the original boot environment.

  1. Reboot the machine and enter the appropriate BIOS menus.

    • If your boot devices are SCSI, refer to documentation on your SCSI controller on how to enter the SCSI BIOS.

    • If the boot devices are maintained by the system BIOS, refer to system BIOS documentation on how to enter the system BIOS.

  2. Follow the appropriate BIOS documentation to change the boot device back to the original boot environment's boot device if different.

  3. Save the BIOS changes.

  4. Exit BIOS to begin the boot process.

  5. Type b -s to boot the machine to single-user state.

  6. Type:

    # /sbin/luactivate
  7. Reboot.

    # init 6