Solaris 9 Installation Guide

To Compare Boot Environments (Character Interface)

  1. From the main menu, select Compare.

  2. Select either Compare to Original or Compare to an Active Boot Environment.

  3. Press F3.

  4. Type the names of the original (active) boot environment, the inactive boot environment, and the path to a file:

    Name of Parent: solaris8
    Name of Child: solaris8-1
    Full Pathname of the file to Store Output: /tmp/compare
  5. To save to the file, press F3.

    The Compare menu displays the following file attributes:

    • Mode.

    • Number of links.

    • Owner.

    • Group.

    • Checksum – Computes checksums only if the file in the specified boot environment matches its counterpart on the active boot environment in all of the fields that are described previously. If everything matches but the checksums differ, the differing checksums are appended to the entries for the compared files.

    • Size.

    • Existence of files in only one boot environment.

  6. To return to the Compare menu, press F3.