Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Upgrade Compliance With the Custom JumpStart Program

Custom JumpStart program compliance ensures that packages can be added and removed while being part of the traditional Solaris installation utilities, which are the following:

The custom JumpStart program compliance also ensures that the package can participate in Solaris upgrades. To be custom JumpStart program-compliant, a package also must follow inactive boot environment requirements that are outlined in Custom JumpStart Program and Solaris Live Upgrade Inactive Boot Environment Requirements.

To be able to use the custom JumpStart program effectively, packages must be added or removed without the user being prompted for information. To prevent user interaction, set up a new administration file with the pkgadd command -a option. The -a option defines an installation administration file to be used in place of the default administration file. Using the default file might result in the user being prompted for more information. You can create an administration file that indicates to pkgadd that it should bypass these checks and install the package without user confirmation. For details, see the man pages, admin(4) or pkgadd(1M).

The following examples show how to use the pkgadd administration file.

The following is an example of an installation administration file that requires very little user interaction with the pkgadd utility. Unless the package requires more space than is available on the system, the pkgadd utility uses this file and installs the package without prompting the user for more information.