Solaris 9 Installation Guide

To Review the Patch Analyzer Output

After you perform the analysis, use these steps to review the output.

  1. Review the output of the Patch Analyzer.

    The Patch Analyzer provides a list of patches that will be removed, downgraded, accumulated, or obsoleted by other patches. Patch accumulations are similar to patch upgrades. The accumulated patch is removed and its fixes are delivered by a new patch. Messages such as the following are shown:

    Patch 105644-03 will be removed.
    Patch 105925 will be downgraded from -02 to -01.
    Patch 105776-01 will be accumulated/obsoleted by patch 105181-05.

    If the Patch Analyzer program does not provide a list, no action is taken against any patches that were previously installed on your system.

  2. Decide if the patch replacements and deletions are acceptable.

    • If yes, upgrade the system.

    • If no, do not upgrade the system.

      At an update release, instead of upgrading, you can use the Solaris 9 Maintenance Update release to apply only patches to your system.

      Note –

      The Solaris 9 Maintenance Update is available on CD and by download. Instructions for applying patches are provided in the Solaris 9 Maintenance Update Installation Guide.