Solaris 9 Installation Guide

x86: To Copy the Boot Software to a Diskette

Note –

This procedure assumes that the system is running Volume Manager. If you are not using Volume Manager to manage diskettes and discs, refer to System Administration Guide: Basic Administration for detailed information about managing removable media without Volume Manager.

  1. Log in as superuser on an x86 system to which a diskette drive is attached.

  2. On the system with the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive, insert the Solaris 9 x86 Platform Edition DVD or the Solaris 9 Software 2 of 2 x86 Platform Edition CD in the drive.

    The Volume Manager mounts the disc.

  3. Change to the directory that contains the boot image.

    • For DVD media, type:

      # cd /cdrom/sol_9_x86/s2/Solaris_9/Tools
    • For CD media, type:

      # cd /cdrom/sol_9_x86/Solaris_9/Tools

  4. Insert a blank diskette or a diskette that can be overwritten in the diskette drive.

  5. Notify Volume Manager to check for new media.

    # volcheck
  6. Format the diskette:

    Caution – Caution –

    Formatting erases all data on the diskette.

    # fdformat -d -U
  7. Copy the file to the diskette.

    # dd if=d1_image of=/vol/dev/aliases/floppy0 bs=36k
  8. Eject the diskette by typing eject floppy at the command line, and then manually ejecting the diskette from the drive.