Solaris 9 Installation Guide

SPARC: Supporting Peripheral Devices Not Found on the Master System

Choosing the drivers to install on the master system depends on the type of peripheral devices attached to both the master system and the clone system and depends on the type of software group installed. If the clone systems have different peripheral devices than the master system, you need to install the appropriate drivers on the master system before you create the archive.

Note –

When you install Solaris software, some hardware-specific drivers are installed only if their supported hardware is found on the system.

If you install the master system with the Core, End User, Developer, or Entire Software Group, the master system supports only the peripheral devices that are attached to the master system at the time of installation. You can install support for peripheral devices on the master system even though the master system does not have the devices by installing the master system with the Entire Plus OEM Software Group. All drivers are installed regardless of the hardware present on the system. Or, you can install selected packages that support the peripherals needed.

If you install any software group except the Entire Plus OEM Software Group on your master system, you might not have all the drivers that you need to correctly install your clone systems. For example, if you install the Entire Software Group on a master system that has a GX CG6 frame buffer, only the GX CG6 frame buffer driver is installed. This situation is not a problem if all the clone systems you want to install have the GX CG6 frame buffer or no frame buffer.

If you want to install the archive on clone systems that have other frame buffers installed, such as the Elite 3D, then the clone system does not have frame buffer support. Therefore, you must create an archive that includes all frame buffers by installing the Entire Plus OEM Software Group or installing the frame buffer drivers you want by adding the appropriate frame buffer driver packages to the master system.

You can install support for peripherals on clone systems that are different from the master system in one of the following ways.