Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Create a Boot Environment

The source boot environment is named c0t4d0s0 by using the -c option. Naming the source boot environment is required the first time Solaris Live Upgrade is used on the system to create a boot environment. Any subsequent boot environment creations do not require using the -c option.

The new boot environment is named c0t15d0s0. The -A option creates a description that is associated with the boot environment name.

The root (/) file system is copied to the new boot environment. Also, a new swap slice is created rather than sharing the source boot environment's swap slice.

# lucreate -A 'BE_description' -c c0t4d0s0 -m /:/dev/dsk/c0t15d0s0:ufs \
-m -:/dev/dsk/c0t15d0s1:swap -n c0t15d0s0