Solaris 9 Installation Guide

Fall Back to the Original Boot Environment Overview

If a failure occurs, you can quickly fall back to the original boot environment with an activation and reboot. You need to fall back if the new boot environment cannot be booted, or if the new environment boots but does not work completely, or you are not satisfied with the results.

The use of fallback takes only the time to reboot the system, which is much quicker than backing up and restoring the original. The new boot environment that failed to boot is preserved. The failure can then be analyzed. You can only fall back to the boot environment that was used by luactivate to activate the new boot environment.

You fall back to the previous boot environment the following ways:

For procedures to fall back, see Failure Recovery: Falling Back to the Original Boot Environment (Command-Line Interface).

Figure 30–7 shows the switch that is made when you reboot to fallback.

Figure 30–7 Fallback to the Original Boot Environment

The context describes the illustration.