Solaris 9 Maintenance Update 3 Installation Guide

Installation Bugs

SPARC: Removing Patches After Upgrade Might Corrupt WBEM Repository (4820614)

The WBEM Repository CIM database can be corrupted under the following conditions:

  1. You apply one of the following patches from the Solaris 9 9/02, 12/02, or 4/03 operating environment to a system that is running the Solaris 9 operating environment.



    Solaris 9 9/02 


    Solaris 9 12/02 


    Solaris 9 4/03 


  2. You then remove any of the previously identified patches that was applied to the system.

If the WBEM Repository is corrupted, the following error message is displayed in the Solaris Management Console Log Viewer.

ERR_EXC_SET_CLASS,CIM_ERR_FAILED:Other Exception: invalid stream header

Workaround: Choose one of the following workarounds.

patchadd Displays Error Message if a Patch That Supports Multiple Patch Architecture Is Installed (4706994)

If you install a patch that supports multiple package architecture, an error that is similar to the following benign error message might be displayed in the /var/sadm/install_data/Maintenance_Update_log.

Installing xxxxxx-yy (x of xx)
See /var/sadm/patch/xxxxxx-yy log for details
grep: can't open pdgabbrev.extension/pkginfo

For example, if patch 123456-01 contains patch packages SUNWcar and SUNWcar.u, the following error message is displayed.

grep: can't open SUNWcar.u/pkginfo

Workaround: Ignore the error message. The message does not affect the installation of the patch. The message indicates that patchadd(1M) does not pass the correct parameter to the remove_PATCH_PROPERTIES() function.

install_mu Does Not Function Correctly if Started With sh (4062334)

Because of problems that stem from the interactions between sh(1) and ksh(1), the install_mu utility might fail to install certain patches correctly. This failure occurs when you start the utility by using the following command from the command line or from an administrative script:

# /bin/sh ./install_mu options

Workaround: Execute install_mu from the command line or from an administrative script as follows:

# ./install_mu options

patchadd Displays an Error That It Is Terminating

One of the following benign messages might be displayed in the Maintenance_Update_log in the /var/sadm/install_data directory:

One or more patch packages included in
XXXXXX-YY are not installed on this system.

Patchadd is terminating.


Installation of XXXXXX-YY failed:
Attempting to patch a package that is not installed.

These messages indicate patchadd could not find on your system any of the packages that patchadd intended to patch, so patchadd skipped the indicated patch.

The message is displayed when patchadd notices a discrepancy while installing a patch of one architecture onto a system with a different architecture. For example, a sun4u patch on a sun4m system.

This message might also be the result of one or more missing packages. The package might have been removed by the administrator, or never installed, for example, if a cluster that was smaller than the Entire Distribution was installed.

Workaround: Ignore the message.

Cannot login if System Is Not Rebooted (4423853)

When installing in single-user mode, do not use the exit command when you are done. Use the reboot command. If the exit command is used instead of the reboot command, the following occurs:

Workaround: If the exit command is used after installing in single-user mode, reboot the system.

If the exit command is used after installing in multiuser mode and no root users remain logged in, reboot the system.