What's New in the Solaris 9 8/03 Operating Environment

SPARC: Multiple Page Size Support

Multiple Page Size Support (MPSS) allows a program to use any hardware-supported page size to access portions of virtual memory. Previously, only 8–KB pages were available on UltraSPARC platforms for a program's stack, heap, or anonymous memory mapped with the mmap() function.

You can tune the performance of large, memory-intensive applications to use any page size. Any page size that is supported by the hardware for stack, heap, or /dev/zero private memory mapped with the mmap() function can be used. The use of larger page sizes might significantly improve the performance of programs that intensively use large amounts of memory.

For more information, see the man pages for pagesize(1), mpss.so.1(1), ppgsz(1), memcntl(2), mmap(2), and getpagesizes(3C).