Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Using Multiple Class Definitions

If you use the pkgproto command to create your basic prototype file, you can assign all of the package objects to the none class or one, specific class. As shown in Creating a prototype File With the pkgproto Command, the basic pkgproto command assigns all objects to the none class. To assign all objects to a specific class, you can use the -c option. For example:

$ pkgproto -c classname /home/jane/SUNWcadap > /home/jane/InfoFiles/prototype

If you use multiple classes, you may need to manually edit the prototype file and modify the class field for each object. If you use classes, you also need to define the CLASSES parameter in the pkginfo file and write class action scripts. As mentioned previously, using classes is an optional feature and is discussed in detail in Writing Class Action Scripts.