Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Collectively Relocatable Objects

Collectively relocatable objects are located relative to a common installation base called the base directory. A base directory is defined in the pkginfo file, using the BASEDIR parameter. For example, a relocatable object in the prototype file named tests/generic requires that the pkginfo file define the default BASEDIR parameter. For example:


This means that when the object is installed, it will be located in /opt/tests/generic.

Note –

/opt is the only directory to which software that is not part of base Solaris may be delivered.

Use collectively relocatable objects whenever possible. In general, the major part of a package can be relocatable with a few files (such as those in /etc or /var) specified as absolute. However, if a package contains many different relocations, consider dividing your package into multiple packages, each with a different BASEDIR value in its pkginfo file.