Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Example—Writing a checkinstall Script

This example checkinstall script checks to see if database software needed by the SUNWcadap package is installed.

# checkinstall script for SUNWcadap
# This confirms the existence of the required specU database
# First find which database package has been installed.
pkginfo -q SUNWspcdA	# try the older one
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
   pkginfo -q SUNWspcdB	# now the latest
	  if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then	# oops
		    echo "No database package can be found. Please install the"
		    echo "SpecU database package and try this installation again."
		    exit 3		# Suspend
		    DBBASE="`pkgparam SUNWsbcdB BASEDIR`/db"	# new DB software
	  DBBASE="`pkgparam SUNWspcdA BASEDIR`/db"	# old DB software
# Now look for the database file we will need for this installation
if [ $DBBASE/specUlatte ]; then
	  exit 0		# all OK
	  echo "No database file can be found. Please create the database"
	  echo "using your installed specU software and try this"
	  echo "installation again."
	  exit 3		# Suspend