Application Packaging Developer's Guide

faspac Utility

The faspac utility converts a standard ABI package into a class archive format used for bundled packages. This utility archives using cpio and compresses using compress. The resulting package has an additional directory in the top directory called archive. In this directory will be all of the archives named by class. The install directory will contain the class action scripts necessary to unpack each archive. Absolute paths are not archived.

The faspac utility has the following format:

faspac [-m Archive Method] -a -s -q [-d Base Directory] /
[-x Exclude List] [List of Packages]

Each faspac command option is described in the following table.



-m Archive Method


Indicates a method for archive or compression. bzip2 is the default compression utilities used. To switch to zip or unzip method use -m zip or for cpio or compress use -m cpio.


Fixes attributes (must be root to do this). 


Indicates standard ABI-type package translation. This option takes a cpio or compresssed packaged and makes it a standard ABI-compliant package format. 


Indicates quiet mode. 

-d Base Directory

Indicates the directory in which all packages present will be acted upon as required by the command line. This is mutually exclusive with the List of Packages entry.

-x Exclude List

Indicates a comma-separated or quoted, space-separated list of packages to exclude from processing. 

List of Packages

Indicates the list of packages to be processed.