Solaris 9 12/03 Release Notes

Solaris Volume Manager Bugs

Solaris Volume Manager metahs -e Command Fails on Copper Cable Storage Boxes When Failed Hot Spare Disk Has Been Swapped Out (4644106)

The metahs -e command might fail if you encounter the following circumstances:

  1. A hot-spare device encounters a problem, such as an induced error, when using the metaverify test utility.

  2. Solaris Volume Manager software attempts to activate the hot spare when an error occurs on a metadevice. The hot spare is marked broken.

  3. The system is brought down. The failed disk that contains the hot spare is replaced with a new disk at the same location.

  4. When the system is booted, Solaris Volume Manager software does not recognize the new hot spare.

  5. The metahs -e command is used to enable the hot spare on the new disk.

The following message is displayed:

WARNING: md: d0: open error of hotspare (Unavailable)

The failure occurs because the Solaris Volume Manager software does not internally recognize the new hot-spare disk that was swapped into the same physical location. The Solaris Volume Manager software continues to display the device ID of the disk that is no longer in the system.

Note –

This failure is not known to occur on a Photon or storage enclosures where the device number changes when a disk is replaced.

Workaround: Choose one of the following workarounds:

Solaris Volume Manager metadevadm Command Fails if Logical Device Name No Longer Exists (4645721)

You cannot replace a failed drive with a drive that has been configured with the Solaris Volume Manager software. The replacement drive must be new to Solaris Volume Manager software. If you physically move a disk from one slot to another slot on a Photon, the metadevadm command fails. This failure occurs when the logical device name for the slice no longer exists. However, the device ID for the disk remains present in the metadevice replica. The following message is displayed:

Unnamed device detected. Please run 'devfsadm && metadevadm -r to resolve.

Note –

You can access the disk at the new location during this time. However, you might need to use the old logical device name to access the slice.

Workaround: Physically move the drive back to its original slot.

Solaris Volume Manager metarecover Command Fails to Update metadb Namespace (4645776)

If you remove and replace a physical disk from the system, and then use the metarecover -p -d command to write the appropriate soft partition specific information to the disk, an open failure results. The command does not update the metadevice database namespace to reflect the change in disk device identification. The condition causes an open failure for each such soft partition that is built on top of the disk. The following message is displayed:

Open Error

Workaround: Create a soft partition on the new disk instead of using the metarecover command to recover the soft partition.

Note –

If the soft partition is part of a mirror or RAID 5, use the metareplace command without the -e option to replace the old soft partition with the new soft partition.

# metareplace dx mirror or RAID 5 old_soft_partition new_soft_partition