Solaris 9 12/03 Release Notes

Priority Paging and Related Kernel Tunables (priority_paging/cachefree)

The priority_paging and cachefree tunable parameters are not supported in the Solaris 9 release. These parameters have been replaced with an enhanced file-system caching architecture that implements paging policies that are similar to priority paging, but always enabled. Attempts to set these parameters in the /etc/system file result in boot-time warnings such as the following:

sorry, variable 'priority_paging' is not defined in the 'kernel'
sorry, variable 'cachefree' is not defined in the 'kernel'

If you upgrade to the Solaris 9 release or pkgadd the SUNWcsr packages, and your /etc/system file includes the priority_paging or cachefree parameters, the following occurs:

  1. The following message is displayed if the priority_paging or cachefree parameters are set in the /etc/system file:

    NOTE: /etc/system has been modified since it contains references to
    priority paging tunables. Please review the changed file.
  2. Comments are inserted in the /etc/system file before any line that sets priority_paging or cachefree. For example, if priority_paging is set to 1, this line is replaced with the following lines:

    * NOTE: As of Solaris 9, priority paging is unnecessary and 
    * has been removed. Since references to priority paging-related tunables 
    * will now result in boot-time warnings, the assignment below has been 
    * commented out. For more details, see the Solaris 9 Release Notes, or 
    * the "Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual".
    * set priority_paging=1