Solaris 9 12/03 Release Notes

Limitation When Installing Solaris Live Upgrade Packages

If you are running the Solaris 2.6, Solaris 7, or Solaris 8 release, you might not be able to run the Solaris Live Upgrade installer. These releases do not contain the set of patches that is needed to run the JavaTM 2 runtime environment.

The typical failure that results is a Java exception error. The following are messages that might be displayed:

InvocationTargetException in ArchiveReader constructornull
                 at install.instantiateArchiveReader(Compiled Code)
                 at install.<init>(Compiled Code)
                 at install.main(Compiled Code)

To run the Solaris Live Upgrade installer and install the packages, you must have the Java 2 runtime environment recommended patch cluster.

Workaround: Complete the following workaround: