Solaris 9 12/03 Release Notes

xmlValidateDocument() Function Might Cause Stack Corruption (4856338)

Applications that use the /usr/lib/ library might fail intermittently with a core dump if the xmlValidateDocument() function is used. This problem is caused by a stack overrun in the library for documents that have been validated by using the xmlValidateDocument() function.

Note –

The problem is only encountered if the code is compiled against a libxml2 release that was introduced prior to the Solaris 9 4/03 release. Then, the code is executed on one of the following releases:

Workaround: Apply the following patches to all Solaris 9 releases:

Applications that were compiled against on a system using the Solaris 9 4/03, Solaris 9 8/03, or Solaris 9 12/03 release need to be recompiled if feature test macros were used. This recompilation is required because the version of that shipped in the Solaris software has been reverted to 2.4.23, due to the binary incompatibility. This binary incompatibility was present in the 2.5.4 version of libxml2.