System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

SPARC: How to Force a Crash Dump and Reboot the System

Use this procedure to force a crash dump and reboot the system when the savecore feature is enabled.

  1. Type the stop key sequence for your system.

    The specific stop key sequence depends on your keyboard type. For example, you can press Stop-a or L1-a. On terminals, press the Break key.

    The PROM displays the ok prompt.

  2. Synchronize the file systems and write the crash dump.

    > n
    ok sync

    After the crash dump is written to disk, the system will continue to reboot.

  3. Verify the system boots to run level 3.

    The login prompt is displayed when the boot process has finished successfully.

    hostname console login:

SPARC: Example—Forcing a Crash Dump and Rebooting the System

Press Stop-A
ok sync