What's New in the Solaris 9 9/04 Operating Environment

Xserver Features

The Solaris 9 release includes the following Solaris X server enhancements.

X11 Support for IPv6 on Solaris

The Solaris X Window System servers and client libraries now support the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). This support is available in addition to the existing IPv4 support. This feature enables you to use IPv6 addresses and connections when displaying X applications across the network.

Xserver Security Options

New options enable system administrators to control which transport methods are used by the Solaris X server. Administrators who need to secure a host can now disable remote TCP connections directly to the Xserver. At the same time, the administrators can allow encrypted connections to be tunneled through Secure Shell.

See the description of the -nolisten option in the Xserver(1) man page for further details.

Xsun Keyboard Bell Option

The Xsun server can now be configured to play a tone through an audio device. This option replaces ringing the keyboard bell when a program emits a beep. By using this option, users can customize the volume, pitch, and length of beeps through the Xset program or CDE control panel. Users adjust the beep to match their hearing ability and personal preferences.

See the description of the -audiobell option in the Xsun(1) man page for further details.

Using Xsun Server as a Display-only Device

New options enable the Xsun server to run without a keyboard or a mouse. You can run the Solaris window manager in display-only mode, without a mouse or a keyboard, in the following ways:

See the Xsun(1) man page for further information.